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Ohio Grapplers 2013 – NEBRASKA Marriott Hotel Information – Call ASAP (Elementary Team)

Here is the link to send to all Elementary Grapplers.  or they can call 402-399-9000  and ask for the Ohio Grapplers rate.
Rate is $99.00 per night and includes 3 Full service breakfast buffet coupons per night. ( Not your typical hotel buffet) .  Buffet includes eggs / omelets made to order, waffles, fresh fruit, bacon sausage ect…..
Directions for Link
1.  Click Link
2.  Scroll down and click  Check rates next to Guest room 1 king / 2 doubles.
3.  Select Ohio Grapplers
4.  Enter personal information.

5.  Reservations must be made by March 29th.